Montag, 11. August 2014

One of the most cmplex gtk2 themes : Old West now ported to gtk3.10

Original gtk theme is made by i am just us.
theme is tested under unity. metacity theme included works under gnome-flashback too. However i will improve gnome-flashback support soon.
Theme is dark and linux, so you could vote it up. donations for the work of porting gtk2 themes to gtk3.8-10 are welcome. 

Amazing simple and celan metacity theme: 0 Aqua metacity theme

Here im posting the link for an amazing simple and clean metacity theme: 

Another popular theme from window blinds now ported to gtk3: Shizuka from lightstar1

Hi ,

theme based on ambiance for cinnamon . + many modifications.It is a slight green theme. It was a nice free theme and i decided to port it to gtk2+3 . Heres the result:

Mac like cupertino theme for 14.04: gnome-cupertino -n

Theme is written for gtk 3.10.
Thx to some persons for reporting bugs. It is now stable. The theme is also now part of noobslab themes.

The goal is to keep it as close as possible to ambiance on the code base with the same look as the original cupertino. If that is`t possible for a element i will prefer the look of cupertino. 

Make your Linux Look like YlmfOS/XP : YlmfOs 2.0 -n

GtK2 theme now closer to gtk3.
Added mint qijana ?? support. You have to allow cinnamon auto icon scaling.

This theme is created to remember the great Ylmfos 2.0 user interface. YlmfOs was linux and this theme is linux. Any resemblance with other operating Systems than Ylmfos are absolutely not wanted.

It has both icon and gtk2-3 theme. Ciannamon + Gnome-flaschback is suported to.

original icon theme source: win2-xp
original gtk theme source: xp-2002.

orignal cinnamon theme was from brahimsalem.

Donations to keep up my work for making operating system -n and gtk themes -n series are welcome. Text link on theme page (gnome-look org) is donation.

From wikipedia Article:
The distribution YLmfOS was originally not available in the English language, though shortly after the initial release in late 2009 an English-language version of Ylmf OS was released.
Despite the very similar likeness to Windows XP\'s Luna theme—the default theme for Windows XP—Microsoft does not appear to be planning to take any sort of action against the operating system or its developers.

Aztec-gtk: A new gtk theme from ported window blinds theme

Aztec-gtk for Mint

Constructive comments and donations are wanted.

There are some few changes left to an stable version, but i didn\'t see a reason to hide this theme from gnome-look org unecessary.

Theme is for Mint and will have unity support in future.



Making your Linux look like windows 7 : w7-n


A theme looking a bit like windows 7

License creative comments.

If you find the work good and you want to donate, you could send me money via Paypal (Little Donate text link for this artwork hosted on the site (

regards bluedxca93 

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